Maria Yula PasaolTips, Travel

Going to different places, trying new stuff, taking pictures of the beautiful views are surely a fun thing to do. You meet new people and experience other culture and practices. You get the idea, but this supposed travel notion wears off when you think of the long hours of trip.  Nonetheless, this situation could turn into a fun experience when you follow these steps:

Start with A Rest

Sleep early before the actual day of your travel. Do not overthink too much. When you had an ample time of sleep, then you will have all the energy to overcome that tiring hours of traveling.

Snacks will Do

You will never enjoy the trip when you have that growling tummy with you. Bring snacks along the trip to divert your attention.

Entertain yourself

Bring out that artist skill in you! You can take pictures along the travel or perhaps make a quick sketch of the scenery. Mobile games can also lessen the pain of long travels.

Think Positive

Have positive expectations for your travel. Be excited over it. Once you have that kind of outlook, then your travel will become less exhausting.


Remember that every long journey has an end. So, while waiting for that desired destination, make every effort to seize the moment; you never know, it might be a turning point lesson you’ll ever get.