The Perks of Traveling Alone

Maria Yula PasaolTips, Travel

It may sound dolorous at times to think of these words – “alone and lonely”, yet this kind of phrase may just work out fine especially when traveling. While it is true that traveling with friends and family is more entertaining, wandering alone can become a learning experience too. So, why travel alone?


Complete that Bucket list

You may have that one thing you dreaded to do or want to accomplish while you live yet have not done it because some of your friends said it is dangerous or worse, impossible. Traveling alone will help you find the activities seemed likable to you and actually check them off of your bucket list.


A Learning Experience

If the idea of traveling alone may seem terrifying to you, it might be good as well to consider the opportunity it will give you to grow as an individual. You get to make your own decisions (the right ones) and be able to meet all the necessary requirements for the trip. It will become a humbling experience for you, let alone an avenue to become more independent.


New Culture. New Chaps.

Traveling alone could also turn into an educational matter as you meet new people and new practices. You will be able to converse with newfound friends and actually learn new things you know nothing about in the past. If possible, write some of the new information you acquired while on the trip so as to make a good recollection of it and be able to share them with your friends back home.


A Retreat for Yourself

Giving time for yourself is necessary to renew your outlook in all aspect of your life, may it be a getaway from work or school projects. Have a break!



Your experience of going on a trip alone can make you a reliable person to be asked by your friends about the distinguished tourist spot on a specific place and what type of accommodation suits them. Somehow, you will own a sense of responsibility and can give good recommendations to your loved ones too.


J.R.R. Tolkien pointed it out rightly when he penned the words, “not all who wander are lost”. It would be fitting to say as well that not all who travel alone can get lost – only lessons to be found and the solitude you’ll experience along with the beautiful scenery of nature.