Unlikely Travel: Beating the Bad Weather During Vacation

Maria Yula PasaolTips, Travel

Here comes the rainy season. Frowning faces start to appear. Local news, with their blow-by-blow weather forecast pave its way again. Then the worst picture comes in – you’re on the middle of your dream vacation! The one you’ve been planning for weeks. Yes, it could be frustrating but you don’t need to fret, you can still relish the moment even with the heavy downpour.


Be Prepared

Nothing could be more reassuring than being prepared of the things needed for your vacation – especially when the weather seemed unlikable. So, to avoid any soggy moments, make sure to bring rain ponchos, plastic bags for your belongings and prepare quick-dry clothing such as synthetic fabrics. Proper kicks or footwear should be given much regard, too. Use trekking shoes if you’re up for an adventure or simply bring fetching rain boots when the only thing you want to do is just stroll around the city.


Indoors is Fun

Who says being stuck inside a room is boring? The said plight comes in handy during rainy season. Visit the public library or gaze upon artifacts in the museum. This would be likable since most people are probably dozing off; there would be less crowd. You can stay there as much as you want until that heavy rain turns into a drizzle.


Childhood Memories

Bad weather and heavy rains can sometimes lead you to your childhood days. Whether playing with puddles or just going out, wearing boots, trying to witness how the rain washes the earth. Although you can’t be of that state anymore, surely you can relive those activities. If you’re in a different place for your vacation, then you might as well try to wander around. See and know the beauty of the place in a different perspective while walking along the wet pavements.


Getting the Most out of that Vacation

Sometimes, when you’re stuck on a rainy vacation, all you need is just a good sleep, catching up from those restless days you had at work. A perfect time to just laze around and eat your favorite food!


There are a lot of ways to brighten up that wan and gloomy vacation trip! When the weather seems to turn you down, make every effort to widen your perspective and enjoy that getaway!