Getting There, Places to Visit, and Things to Do


Iloilo, dubbed as the City of Love, is a major travel destination located in Panay Island. Abundant with
white-sand beaches, scrumptious and affordable local food, rich history, and even growing
establishment, Iloilo is deemed the fastest developing city in the Philippines. Let us go through this updated Iloilo Travel Guide.

How to Get There

As a coastal city and major transportation gateway, Iloilo is well connected by ferry connections to
major islands and cities in the Philippines. Traveling to Iloilo from other major destinations in the
country is also possible through a combination of ferries and land connections.

Weesam Express
Trans-Asia Shipping Lines

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Jaro Cathedral

Iloilo is known for its centuries-old churches dating back to the Spanish colonial era. Jaro
Cathedral is home to Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria (Our Lady of the Candles), which had been
said to be miraculous.
Jaro Cathedral was damaged by the earthquake in January 1948 and restored by the order of
Jose Ma. Cuenco, who is the first archbishop of Jaro in 1956. Because of its importance to Iloilo’s
religious and cultural heritage, it was then proclaimed by the National Historical Institute as a
historical landmark in 1976.

Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art

The three-storey Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA) is the first art institution in
Visayas that is devoted exclusively on the works of Filipino and foreign modern and
contemporary artists. The aim of this site is to enrich the community life of Iloilo province by
way of exhibitions and outreach programs.


Lizares Mansion

The 1.65-hectare Lizares Mansion is one of Iloilo City’s most beautiful heritage mansions, which
sugar baron and founder of Talisay-Silay Sugar Milling Corp. Don Emiliano Lizares had it built for
his wife Concepcion Gamboa, two sons, and three daughters in 1937.

San Juan Beach

Located off the coast of Carles and Estancia towns in northeastern Iloilo, Philippines, Islas de
Gigantes is a remote group of secluded islands, made up of awe-inspiring and uneven rock
formations, immaculate white sand beaches, and have plentiful seafood.


Where to Stay

1. ARA Exquisite Spaces

Address: R. Mapa Street One Spatial Place, Iloilo City
Phone: 0977 8720275

2. Figtree Hotel

Address: Donato Pison Avenue, Brgy San Rafael Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Phone: 0927 8886970

3. Iloilo Gateway Hotel and Suites

Address: National Highway, Pavia, Philippines National Highway, Iloilo
Phone: 0919 785 9805

4. Urban Sands Iloilo

Address: M.H. del Pilar Street, Molo, Iloilo City
Phone: 0916 4627000

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