Getting There, Places to Visit, and Things to Do


Maasin City is the Southern Leyte’s capital and the center for commercial transactions and religious activities in the said province.

It has been told that the city was named “Maasin” when Ferdinand Magellan and his men, on their way from Limasawa to Cebu, went by the Canturing River for some water supply and ask the locals what it is called and they responded “maasin” (salty), thus naming the place as known today.

Beyond the rich history of Maasin, the city offers great tourist attractions among locals and tourists alike. Make sure to include this place in your summer getaway bucket list.

How to Get There

It depends where you are traveling from however you can always opt for a ferry travel when going to Maasin.

Here's a shipping line that plies there:

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Where and How to Book

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Maasin Cathedral

Built in the 17th century, this cathedral is one of the oldest parishes in the country. The cathedral is said to be the oldest and the biggest church in the place. The church has experienced several damages over the years but somehow it became a diocesan seat since 1968.

Monte Cueva Shrine

Before going to the cave on top of the Monte Cueva hill, one must endure the 550 stairways but it becomes rewarding once you are on the top already.

This Shrine used to be a private owned site by Atty. Joaquin Jr and Florencia Chung which was then donated to Roman Catholic Diocese of Maasin.


Falls in Maasin

Take time to refresh yourselves by visiting the following waterfalls. This is also an appealing way to spend vacation with your family.

Where to Stay

1. Jaimee’s Hotel & Resort

Address: R. Kangleon Street, Maasin City, Southern Leyte

Phone Number: (053) 381 2208

2. Caimito Beach Hotel

Address: Brgy Pasay Maasin Southern Leyte

Phone Number: (053) 570 1139

3. GV Tower Hotel – Maasin City

Address: Maasin City, Southern Leyte

Phone Number: (053) 570 8481

4.Villa Romana

Address: Maasin City, Southern Leyte

Phone Number: (053) 381 2228

Make more travel memories this year and visit Maasin City. Discover the wonders that awaits you. Make sure to book your ferry tickets ahead as well at