2019 SuperCat Cebu to Tagbilaran,Trip Schedule, Fare Rates and More

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SuperCat Cebu-Tagbilaran Ferry Schedule

Ber months are totally unstoppable and peak seasons are for real. Get home to Cebu-Tagbilaran through SuperCat by 2Go Travel!  Be informed of the trip schedules, Travel time, Fare Price, and How to Book through Barkota.com. Here is some information to guide you for your next trip to Cebu-Tagbilaran through SuperCat ferry. SuperCat has a daily trip schedule going to Cebu Tagbilaran and vice versa. Refer to the schedules below. Travel time of SuperCat Cebu-Tagbilaran and vice versa is approximately 2 hours. When you book through Barkota.com, you can check the accommodation and its corresponding ticket price. Please check below … Read More

Unlikely Travel: Beating the Bad Weather During Vacation

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Here comes the rainy season. Frowning faces start to appear. Local news, with their blow-by-blow weather forecast pave its way again. Then the worst picture comes in – you’re on the middle of your dream vacation! The one you’ve been planning for weeks. Yes, it could be frustrating but you don’t need to fret, you can still relish the moment even with the heavy downpour.   Be Prepared Nothing could be more reassuring than being prepared of the things needed for your vacation – especially when the weather seemed unlikable. So, to avoid any soggy moments, make sure to bring … Read More

The Perks of Traveling Alone

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It may sound dolorous at times to think of these words – “alone and lonely”, yet this kind of phrase may just work out fine especially when traveling. While it is true that traveling with friends and family is more entertaining, wandering alone can become a learning experience too. So, why travel alone?   Complete that Bucket list You may have that one thing you dreaded to do or want to accomplish while you live yet have not done it because some of your friends said it is dangerous or worse, impossible. Traveling alone will help you find the activities … Read More

Overcoming Homesickness While Traveling

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Going to unfamiliar places and being away from your loved ones will, at times, spoil your enthusiasm while traveling. Whether it’s a week-long vacation or just a three-day journey, you find yourself pondering about your place while in the middle of your travel. Here are some of the tips to overcome homesickness:   Make Yourself Busy While in the middle of your journey, you can make yourself busy by going out to some of the eminent landmarks in the place. Indulge yourself with foods and recreation too.   Communicate Set a time where you can converse with your family. Call … Read More


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Going to different places, trying new stuff, taking pictures of the beautiful views are surely a fun thing to do. You meet new people and experience other culture and practices. You get the idea, but this supposed travel notion wears off when you think of the long hours of trip.  Nonetheless, this situation could turn into a fun experience when you follow these steps: Start with A Rest Sleep early before the actual day of your travel. Do not overthink too much. When you had an ample time of sleep, then you will have all the energy to overcome that … Read More