In consideration of the issuance of this ticket, purchaser agrees to the following conditions:

    1. DATE VALIDITY, This ticket is valid for passage on the vessel of the date/time specified herein.

    2. REFUSAL OF PASSAGE, Carrier reserves the right to refuse passage to any ticketed passenger who is found to be physically for sea travel by reason of passenger’s health condition.

    3. BAGGAGE LIMITATION, Hand carried baggage shall be limited to twenty (20) kilos per passenger and shall be at owner’s risk.

    4. Carrier is not liable for any loss of ticket.

    5. CANCELLATION/SERVICE FEE, Fare paid in advance shall be forfeited for failure to cancel reservation at least thirty (30) before scheduled departure time. Service fee for cancellation of reservation is 12%. This reservation will not be honored for trip other than what is specified on the ticket.

    6. SEPARABILITY, A judicial declaration of nullity of any of the above provision shall not affect the validity of the rest of the condition.