Step 1

Choose your Itinerary by selecting Origin(From), Destination(To), Departure Date, Return Date(for round trips)Passenger (Number of Passenger). Click Search Trips.

Step1 : Shipping Lines

You can also select your desired Shipping Line.


Step 2

From the Available Schedules List, select your desired travel schedule(s) click SELECT.


Step 3

From the Accommodation & Availability Screen, select your desired accommodation. Accommodations are subject to availability. The systems serves the right to assign cot numbers.

Step 3 : Continue

After confirming your booking schedule, make sure to verify your booking schedule. Then click CONTINUE.


Step 4

After confirming your booking details, please input your contact information. Make sure that you provide a valid email address and mobile number. Your contact information is needed in order for us to give your e-ticket and to contact you in case of cancellations,as well.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • type and birthdate

Step 4: Adding Passenger(s)

If you want to add additional Passenger, Click MODIFY ITINERARY.


A modal will pop-up and you can edit the number of passenger you want to add. Then click SEARCH TRIP.


Step 5

On CONFIRM AND PAY, please double check you’re booking details and contact information.


Step 6

Once verified select your payment options.

Discounts for minor, student and senior are not available in the online booking service.


Last Step

Once everything is Confirmed and Verified.

Check the * Terms and Condition*
and then click CONTINUE for your payment.

After this you will be redirected to the screens respective to your payment option for the payment part.