In consideration of the issuance of this ticket, purchaser agrees to the following conditions:

    1. CHECK-IN TIME, Passenger must check-in 30 minutes before published departure time. Beyond
    this period, the carrier may refuse to board the passenger unless allowed by the Philippine Coast
    Guard under special circumstances.

    2. REFUND AND REVALIDATION. , Tickets may be revalidated/refunded to any JSC ticketing offices provided that the said tickets have not yet expired or lapsed 30 days from departure date. Passenger must present the complete set of ticket and valid ID. Revalidated tickets are subject
    to fare rates prevailing at the time of revalidation. Ticket revalidation can only be done once.

    Refund and revalidation are both subject to the following surcharges:
    • Before vessel departure – 10% of the ticket amount
    • After vessel departure – 20% of the ticket amount

    3. MINORS,Unescorted minors will not be accepted unless accompanied by an adult. The adult purchasing the ticket for the minor is required to present documents proving his/her affinity and/or consent that the minor is allowed to travel alone. Fare of minor’s ages three (3) to ten (10) years old is half the price of the prescribed rates.

    4. PASSENGER WITH MEDICAL CONDITION. A passenger that has medical condition must present a medical certificate (date of medical examination should be at least 5 days prior to departure) and submit/sign a waiver attesting to their fitness to undertake sea travel upon boarding; otherwise, the Carrier reserves the right to deny their boarding. Non-ambulatory cases, especially those with life support, should be accompanied by a licensed nurse/doctor companion.

    5. LOST TICKET, Carrier shall not refund or replace any lost ticket.

    6. DELAYED, DIVERTED VOYAGES & CANCELLED TRIP, Carrier shall not be responsible for the subsistence of passengers or for any damages of lost time due to vessel delay/trip cancellation. The Carrier may divert any voyage to any port or other than the port of destination if it is unable to dock at the port of destination for reasons beyond its control. In case the vessel cannot continue or complete the voyage for any cause whatsoever, the Carrier reserves the right to cancel the ticket and refund the Passenger the unused cost of said ticket or revalidate for another schedule.

    7. CHANGE OF VESSEL, Carrier reserves the right to deploy another vessel without prior notice. Affected accommodations will be automatically downgraded should there be no available accommodations, and the fare difference will be refunded to the Passenger.

    8. SEND- OFF VISITORS, Send- off visitors of a Passenger are not allowed to board the vessel. Any Passenger who violates this rule shall assume any liability that may arise therefrom.

    9. BAGGAGE LIMITATION (FOR FAST CRAFT ONLY), Each passenger is allowed to bring one hand carry baggage. Passenger who brings more than the limit baggage shall pay an excess charge of P200.00 per bag.

    10. NON-ALLOWABLE BAGGAGE,Dangerous items such as firearms, ammunition, fireworks, flammable liquids and solids, compressed gases, corrosives, radioactive materials, oxidizing materials, poisonous and infectious substances, extremely bulky items are not allowed on board.

    11. BAGGAGE LIABILITY, Carrier will not be liable for any lost or damaged baggage.

    12. LIVE ANIMALS AND PLANTS. , Live animals will be allowed on board provided that the passenger presents a Quarantine Permit and the animals are properly caged. We have identified designated areas for pets so other passengers will not be disturbed. Plants are likewise accepted if a Quarantine permit has been secured.

    13. REFUSAL TO BOARD. , Carrier reserves the right to refuse on board for any valid reason passengers with contagious disease, passenger which is alcohol/drug intoxicated, or suchlike and patients without medical clearance to travel issued by a physician or competent medical practitioner.

    14. SUBJECT TO SEARCH. , . Carrier reserves the right to search the passenger and his hand carried baggage for any prohibited materials and substances and seizes such if discovered, in coordination with the proper authorities. A passenger refusing to be searched shall not be allowed to board his designated voyage. Carrier further reserves the right to refuse to carry at any time, any baggage discovered to contain any dangerous items stated in # 10 above.

    15. MISCELLANOUS. , Fare rates, sailing schedules, time of departure are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Any unauthorized alteration or perforation of this ticket shall render the same null and void.