Getting There, Places to Visit, and Things to Do


Tubigon is a 2nd class municipality and seaport in the province of Bohol, Philippines. It serves as
convenient gateway linking Bohol with Cebu and has recently expanded its seaport to accommodate
additional sea traffic.

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How to Get There

While sitting on a ferry, you can sightsee the various natural wonders around you that will double up
your vacation enjoyment.
The following are some of the shipping lines setting course directly to Tubigon:


Lite Shipping

Weesam Express

For more details on shipping schedules, click here.

Where and How to Book

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San Isidro Labrador Church

The San Isidro Labrador church in Tubigon, Bohol became a parish in 1854 under the Recollects.
It is perched on a hill overlooking the town plaza, market, and the coast.
On October 15, 2013, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Bohol severely damaged the
centuries-old churches, including San Isidro Labrador Church which lost its facade and other
structures in the church complex.

Loom Weaving Cooperative

Loom weaving is considered a major source of income for the locals. Weavers, wives of farmers
and fisherfolks, who used to practically sit-through days waiting for their husbands are now
empowered and earn an average of at least 5,000/month. Fortunately, with just an initial
capitalization of only P5, 000, the Tubigon Loom weavers Multi-purpose Cooperative has grown
to a P1.5 M enterprise after 13 years. It is now ranked as the second largest producer of raffia
loomwovens in Bohol.


Macaas Boardwalk

Macaas Boardwalk is a 500-meter walkway made of bamboo built at the seaside, with mangroves on the side where people wish to enjoy a place, can move, and walk freely without getting wet. It is a perfect place to unwind with your family friends, or you can spend your time gleaning seashells when it is low tide.

Where to Stay

1. The Monina Inn
Address: Centro, Tubigon, Bohol
Phone: (038) 508 8499

2. Ligaya’s Pension House
Address: Address: Cogon, Poblacion, Tubigon, Bohol
Phone: (038) 508 8900

3. Drossgold Pension House
Address: L. Paraguya St.
Phone: 0912 860 6287

4. TMR Pension House
Address: Pooc Occidental, Tubigon, Bohol

This summer season make sure to visit Tubigon and check out their famous tourist attractions. Book your ferry tickets ahead at Barkota.com for a more efficient travel.