You can now request for a ticket refund online. Check the guidelines below for further details.

Fund transfer of your refund request will be processed Mondays to Fridays excluding holidays. Transactions received during weekends and/or holidays will be executed on the next banking day.

Barkota does not process refund and rebooking for OceanJet tickets. As per the said shipping company’s policy, refund and rebooking requests must be made directly at OceanJet’s main office.

If your ticket was purchased through a ticket outlet, kindly go to your issuing ticket outlet/office to request for a refund.


Visit - Click the Manage Booking menu.


On the Manage Booking dashboard, kindly input either your Booking Reference Number or Ticket Control No./Control No. Then enter your email address.

Click the Find My Ticket button to continue.

Note: The booking reference number can be found in your confirmation email (e.g BOB1671542637111).


You should be able to see the ticket details. Make sure to click on the Refund Section, which is right next to the Rebooking Section. Then, select the passengers for whom you want to request a refund. Finally, proceed to click the Refunding Button located below.


After clicking the Refund button, a Request Refund form will show up. Upload a copy of your valid ID. Choose your preferred payment merchant to which the refund amount will be transferred.

Enter the required information (e.g. Account/Name, Account/Number, and Contact Number) then click the Refund Tickets button to continue.


Double check the details you have entered in the Request Refund then check the Terms and Conditions for confirmation. Tick the checkboxes then click Yes to continue.


Check your email address and locate the Refund Request email in either your inbox or spam folder. Afterward, click on the CONFIRM REFUND BUTTON to proceed with the refund process.


Refund amount should be reflected in your account upon successful submission of requirements within 10-15 banking days depending on the issuing bank/payment channel. You will receive an email in your inbox or spam folder once the refund amount has been successfully transferred.

Shipping Company Refund Policy

To know the guidelines and refund policy of the shipping company you are requesting a ticket refund for, please click on the shipping line below.