Below are some guidelines when requesting for a re-book.

    1. Contact Barkota support through email to request for a re-book. Email: [email protected]

    2. Please provide the following information to Barkota support to process your re-booking:

    • Passenger’s name
    • Passenger’s current booking details-i.e Shipping lines, Travel dates, Accommodation
    • New booking details -Travel dates, Accommodation
    • Valid ID

    Our representative will send you payment instructions for the re-booking fee once the availability of travel slots/date of your re-booking request is verified and checked by our team. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

    3. Once payment is confirmed, Barkota will send the updated e-ticket through email. A copy or picture of your payment receipt will be required.


    Re-booking fees vary depending on shipping company’s policy. Please check on the table below for re-booking charges:

    Medallion Transport Inc. Before departure: 10%

    After departure: 10%

    Grand Ferries


    Super Shuttle Ferry

    10 % before departure

    20 % after departure

    George & Peter Before departure: P10.00

    After departure: 10%

    Fastcat Before departure: 12%

    After departure: 12%

    Lite shipping Corp. Before departure: 5%

    After departure: 10%

    Trans-Asia  Not applicable (To request for revalidation, please contact the office of TRANS ASIA.)
    Clemer Shipping lines 10% before and after departure
    Starlite Ferries 10% before departure; Re-booking request made after departure will not be acknowledged or guaranteed.
    Evaristo & Sons Sea Transport 
    No surcharge fee for rebooking request.

    Note: Requests made for rebooking and refund beyond the ticket expiry will not be acknowledged.