E. B. Aznar Shipping Corporation

2/F Manoling 2 Building, V. Gullas Street, M. J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu


E.B. AZNAR SHIPPING CORPORATION (EBASCO) was incorporated on December 11, 1992 as a family corporation of Emmanuel B. Aznar. The principal place of business is at the 2nd floor of Aznar Bldg., T. Padilla Street, Cebu City.

The corporation is composed of Emmanuel B. Aznar as President, Mrs. Zoraida S. Aznar as Corporate Secretary and Treasurer and the children, Dr. Theresa S. Aznar, Dr. Odalie Aznar-Madamba and Atty. Alexander S. Aznar as directors.

Guidelines and Policies

*MINOR is not available for online or mobile booking. Passengers should proceed to a ticketing outlet should they wish to avail of the discounted rates for minors.

Check in time: Passenger must check in 30 minutes before published departure time. This is for sent confirmation. Confirmed reservation shall be cancelled and released to change passenger upon failure of passenger to check in at least 30 minutes before departure time.

Rebooking Surcharges

if customer’s at fault


– If the customer’s at fault and wishes to change his or her travel for the next departure time/schedule, rebooking will not be subject to any surcharge fee.


– But if passenger wishes to change his or her travel the next day or for another specific date, BARKOTA will consider his or her e-ticket cancelled and will have to rebook an updated travel itinerary. Rebooking surcharge fees may apply.

Refund Policy / Surcharges fees

Refund surcharge fees may apply.

(with one month of expiration after the issuance)

News & Information

Date Posted :

No advisory/news as of the moment.

* This schedule is subject to change. Changes, if necessary, will be updated here.

Schedules & Routes

No schedule available. If you need further information or assistance, please contact support.