Ferry Services - Terminal Pier 4, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines

Chelsea-Super-Cat - Vessel

SuperCat is one of the subsidiaries of Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp., the biggest shipping and logistics company in the Philippines. It has been pivotal and strategic to the country's fast ferry industry. Created synergy that has enlarged the fast ferry industry to benefit economies scale and complement travel-related products. SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation (SFFC) address is located in Pier 4, North Reclamation Area Cebu City, Philippines.

Guidelines and Policies

Rebooking Surcharges

Rebooking surcharge fees may apply before departure; Re-booking requests made after departure will not be acknowledged or guaranteed.


Refund Policy / Surcharges fees

Ticket Expiry from date of departure: 1 YEAR
Refund surcharge fees may apply before departure; Refund requests made After Departure will not be acknowledged or guaranteed.

News & Information

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Schedule & Routes

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