In the recent announcement, IATF has approved the uniformity of travel protocols in the country which highlights the IATF Resolution 101 Series of 2021 stating that travel authority issued by the Joint Task Force Covid Shield and health certificates shall no longer be required from passengers. It also says that travelers will no longer be mandated to undergo a Covid-19 test except when required by the local government unit (LGU) of their destination However, it is still best to coordinate with the LGU of  your destination as this has not yet taken effect to other areas an/or some LGUs may still need other requirements.

Please check the travel protocols per Local Government Unit (LGU) below:


  • Only RT-PCR result is required
  • No more quarantine for travelers with negative swab result
  • Authorized Persons Outside of Residence are excluded from RT-PCR requirement
  • Letter of coordination from their Barangay of residence of Cebu City
  • Valid Identification Card
  • Traze/ mobile application

Cebu Province

  • Valid Identification Card
  • Traze/ mobile application

Cagayan de Oro

  • Resident of CDO should contact the following mobile numbers from 8AM-5PM daily – 09190689770, 09533608463, 09772555062
  • HIGALA QR Code
  • Email and text message from the CDO LGU Contact Center
  • Proof of Residency
  • Valid Identification Card
  • Transiting Non-Residents of CDO must contact their respective LGU for the updated travel requirements and quarantine protocols
  • Traze/ mobile application


Inbound Travelers (Resident/s going home to Iligan City) shall be required to present the following requirements:

  • Latest RT-PCR (must be a negative result and valid for at least 5 days)
  • Certificate of Confirmation from their respective barangay (certifying that they are a bonafide resident/s of the receiving barangay and that they have an observation/quarantine area);
  • Letter of Acceptance from the Office of the City Tourism

*Symptomatic traveler shall undergo quarantine either home quarantine, barangay isolation unit or community isolation unit;

*Persons arriving without RT-PCR shall undergo 5 days observation period either in home, barangay isolation unit or community isolation unit then required RT-PCR or at least Rapid Antigen Test as necessary

Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APOR)

Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APOR) from national and local government agencies and their attached agencies, including transient delivery truck drivers traveling to Iligan City for commercial and trade purposes, must provide pursuant to IATF Resolution NO 98-A issued date February 4, 2021, the following:

  • Identification card e.g. government issued/company ID
  • Travel order stating travel itinerary; and
  • Must pass symptom screening at ports of entry and exit
  • APOR, workers/persons serving as frontliner/s within the City may present a Valid Identification Card or proof of employment

*Workers/employees of neighboring LGU’s are deemed APOR, only for the purpose of reporting to their respective workplace, as such, travel shall be limited to one (1) day only, unless a different work schedule or duty shift is adopted as certified by their employers/establishments.


Inbound Passengers

  • No mandatory RT-PCR Negative Result requirement. However, passenger may undergo RT-PCR testing at his/her discretion.
  • Mandatory Rapid Antigen Testing for travelers coming from Metro Manila, Cebu City, Cebu Province and any other DOH-Declared COVID-19 hotspot upon their arrival at the airport in the Province of Misamis Occidental.
  • The rapid antigen test shall be free of charge.
  • To avoid delay, passengers may undergo RT-PCR testing at the LGU of origin and present the RT-PCR Negative Results (48 hours validity) upon their arrival at the airport in the Province of Misamis Occidental. No traveler shall be required to undergo quarantine in the Province of Misamis Occidental. However, upon arrival at the airport and after clinical and exposure assessment of the medical team, the passenger exhibits symptoms for COVID-19 infection and/or tested positive in rapid antigen test, the passenger shall undergo quarantine pending release of the negative RT-PCR test result.

Authorized Person Outside Residence (APOR)

  • Identification Card
  • Travel Order
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Must pass symptom-screening at ports of entry and exit


  • Confirmed booking through DOT-accredited hotels/lodging
  • Negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test (72 hours before departure date)
  • Accomplished Health Declaration Card and Tourist QR Code
  • Traze App on your phone or tablet


  • Testing shall not be mandatory unless the LGU requires it, but shall be limited only to RT-PCR.
  • No more mandatory quarantine unless they exhibit syptoms upon arrival at the destination.
  • No more travel authority requirement.
  • APORs shall be required to present an ID, travel order and travel itinerary.
  • All must pass health/symptom assessment check at point of origin before travel and point of entry upon arrival.
  • Ports, terminals must have sufficient isolation facilities for travelers who show symptoms


  • Negative Swab Test result taken 5 days before the travel date
  • Valid Identification Card
  • StaySafe.PH mobile application


  • Negative Swab Test Result taken 5 days prior to departure
  • Acceptance letter from the recieving LGU
  • valid Identification Card
  • Traze/ mobile application


  • Negative Swab Test result taken 3 days before departure
  • Certificate of Residency from the Barangay you reside in
  • Letter of Coordination from the office of Councilor Cindy T. Rojas which may be request thru email at [email protected] or telephone number at 034-1353607
  • LSI coming from Cebu City may contact Leshi Kojoma at mobile number 09052238081
  • BaCTrac Registration
  • Online Health Declaration Form
  • Valid ID
  • Traze/ mobile application

For Resident residing outside Bacolod City

  • Notice of Coordination from the recieving LGU
  • Provincial Notice of Acceptance
  • Health Information Form
  • Swab test upon arrival for all LSI
  • Traze/ mobile application
  • Valid ID


  • Notice of coordination and acceptance  from the receiving LGU
  • Swab Test upon arrival
  • Valid Identification Card
  • Traze/ mobile application

Iloilo Province Residents

  • Notice of coordination from the receiving LGU
  • Government ID indicating permanent address
  • Traze/ mobile application