Lite Shipping Larena to Tagbilaran schedule and fare rate details are available online for ferry ticket issuance. Continue the summer vibe and check this travel guide along with the shipping lines’ travel requirements in relation to COVID-19 protocols. Make sure to create more travel memories this 2022!

Trip Schedule Larena to Tagbilaran

The following trip schedules of Lite Shipping’s Larena to Tagbilaran route are subject to change, any further updates will be posted here. The said shipping line offers weekly schedule for passengers plying the said route with a three hour trip duration.

Portlink Departure Frequency Duration Port
Larena, Siquijor to Tagbilaran City, Bohol 07:00PM Tuesday
3 Hours Larena Port

Lite Shipping Larena to Tagbilaran Rates

Rates for Larena, Siquijor to Tagbilaran City, Bohol ferry ticket ranges from ₱385.00 to₱750.00 depending on the chosen accommodation. Check full accommodation list and rates below:

Accommodation Fare Rates
Economy A ₱385.00
Economy B ₱385.00
Standard B ₱475.00
Tourist ₱750.00

Lite Shipping Larena to Tagbilaran Vessel

Lite Ferry 11 (CARGO-PAX) vessel plies the Larena to Tagbilaran and vice versa ferry route.

Lite Shipping Larena to Tagbilaran Vessel
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Where to Book Ferry Tickets

With the ongoing challenge of COVID-19, it is best that you make reservations and/or check Lite Shipping schedule online or through a booking app. You may book at for a more seamless ferry booking experience. Here’s a quick guide when booking through Barkota:

  1. Visit or install the app HERE.
  2. Select a shipping line (Lite Shipping).
  3. Choose your itinerary (origin -> destination) and preferred date.
  4. Add passenger/s details (Name, Age, Email, Birthday).
  5. Confirm and Pay! You can pay through Debit/Credit Card, ML Epay, Online Banking (almost all banks), 7-Eleven, Over-the-Counter, and Dragonpay.

Travel Guidelines Larena to Tagbilaran Ferry

Passenger’s safety is of utmost importance, thus shipping lines along with the government’s directives, have set travel guidelines for a more seamless ferry trip. Click here to check the detailed list of travel guidelines per shipping lines offering the said route or visit Lite Shipping’s Facebook page to learn more of their updated travel requirements.

Travel Safely

While the government and some other LGUs have eased travel restrictions for passengers, it is still best to observe safety health protocols to avoid the possible threats of the current virus. Wear your facemask, maintain physical distancing, and always hand sanitize.