Top Three Philippine Destination to Own that Christmas Feels even in the Middle of September

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Christmas season is lurking around the corner! Just when you think September’s about to stretch up, next thing you’ll know, December comes in into the picture. And yes, we all dread for that Christmas breeze and that dandy feeling of sipping hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows! Let alone the feeling of traveling together with your family and loved ones. Here are some destinations to complete that Christmas feels even in the middle of September!   Sagada Province Start musing over the place dubbed as the ‘Shangri-la of the Philippines! Sagada is one of the most popular tourist destinationsin the country, … Read More

Traveling With Your Kids: Tips to Enjoy Vacation With Them!

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It is always diverting when you spend your summer vacation with your family and a lot happier when you visit new places together. But it’s undeniably true that bringing your children to long travels can be very exhausting since they tend to be so energetic. They wander around too often, making the tour more unbearable. Here are some of the things that parents should consider when traveling with kids:   Set Some Rules By making clear with your kids the things you want to avoid, travel will become easier. Set some rules with them but not to the point of … Read More

Visayas and Mindanao Shipping Conference 2018: An Outlook of the Philippine Economy, Trade Industry, and Logistics

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For this year’s Visayas and Mindanao Shipping Conference, a team from Barkota was able to participate the logistics and trade discussion. They were able to perceive the country’s economic projections and had conversed with executives and representatives of the different transportation and logistics companies. Here are some of the points being discussed during the conference: Philippine’s economic performance remains strong as gross domestic product growth rate increases by 6.8% this year. This has given an expansion for great performance of the country’s tourism and is a good indicator for global competitiveness. This was the report given by Estrella Turingan, Chief … Read More

Perfect Shot for A Perfect Travel Experience

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Traveling to new places can bring an overwhelming thought. As soon as you step out into a new destination, the very thing seemed likable to do would be to take pictures and try amazing camera shots and angles. There is always a need to take photos out of that good trip!  Not only it gives you awareness of the place but will also inspire your friends back home to travel more – especially those photos that portray moving stories. You don’t need expensive cameras with humongous lenses, sometimes all it takes is just a good phone and a keen eye … Read More

Unlikely Travel: Beating the Bad Weather During Vacation

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Here comes the rainy season. Frowning faces start to appear. Local news, with their blow-by-blow weather forecast pave its way again. Then the worst picture comes in – you’re on the middle of your dream vacation! The one you’ve been planning for weeks. Yes, it could be frustrating but you don’t need to fret, you can still relish the moment even with the heavy downpour.   Be Prepared Nothing could be more reassuring than being prepared of the things needed for your vacation – especially when the weather seemed unlikable. So, to avoid any soggy moments, make sure to bring … Read More