The Solicitation, Issuance and Consequent acceptance of this tickey by the passenger shall be deemed as an act of acceptance of the following condition.

    1. NON – TRANSFERABLE, This ticket is non-transferable and may therefore be used solely by the passenger named herein.

    2. This ticket is issued one-way or round trip and shall be automatically cancelled and shall not be honored if not used within sixty (60) days from date of issue.

    3. RESERVATION, This ticket is good only for the voyage indicated herein and shall not be honored if used on any other voyage.

    4. SECURITY ON BOARD, The passenger is required to comply with the law and rules and regulations of the Carrier relating to maintenance of peace and order and sanitation on board the vessel.

    5. CARRIER LIABILITY, T, Passenger assumes the risk and agrees that carrier shall not be liable for (a) injury death or delay to passenger of (b) loss, damage or delay of or to passenger’s or effects arising from or to the judgment of the Carrier or Master rendered necessary or advisable by reason of any and all forms off fortuitous events navigational or safety requirements or causes which are beyond the control of the Carrier. It is hereby agreed that “baggage” means and includes only such property as reasonable required for the person used of the passenger during the voyage, excluding all money, jewerly, merchandise securities and other articles of similar nature, of which the Carrier shall have no liability at all unless transported under carrier’s Bill Of Lading or deposited with the Purser, Carrier’s liability with respect to Passenger’s baggage or effects on account of loss, damage, delay or otherwise shall be limited to P100.00for First Class passenger and to all other passenger a reduced proportionate amount thereof. With respect to effects and properties other than baggage so defined the same shall be at Passenger risk and Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever with respect thereof. Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for loss of life or bodily injury or any other loss, destruction or delay in connection with this transportation unless written notice of claim thereof—is presented to the Carrier within thirty (30) days from the day passenger is landed or the vessel arrives at the passenger’s destination, whichever is earlier.

    6. REFUSED BOARDING, The carrier reserves the right to refuse boarding to those, who in its judgment pose a threat to the security, order, safety and health of the passenger and vessel. No person suffering from any contagious disease shall be accepted on board. Demented persons should be accompanied by a chaperon who shall be liable for their care. Any person who boards the vessel in violation hereof shall be disembarked at the earliest possible occasion.

    7. UNFINISHED VOYAGE ,In case the vessel cannot continue or complete the trip, for any cause whatsoever, the Carrier reserves the right to bring the Passenger to his/her destination at the expense of the Carrier or to cancel the—ticket and refund the Passenger the value of his/her ticket.

    8. ROUND TRIPS , Holder of round trip tickets when he/she takes a return trip, shall make a reservation with the head office, branch or agency of the Carrier within a reasonable time, otherwise, Carrier shall not be bound to accommodate him/her on board.

    9. REFUND OF TICKET ASSESSMENT, Ticket refund shall be made only to the lawful holder who must surrender the complete set of his unused ticket to the Carrier who shall have at least sixty (60) days to verify genuineness of the same. The following service charges shall be deducted from the refundable amount.
    a) Before vessel departure – less 10%
    b) After vessel departure – less 20%

    10. RE VALIDATION OF TICKET ,The amount of 5% shall be charged should revalidation be made before the departure of the vessel and 10% of the ticket amount as surcharge if revalidated after the departure of the vessel.

    11. SCHEDULE,Sailing schedule of the vessel may be change without prior noticed.

    12. LOST TICKETS ,– In case the tickets is lost, the purser of the vessel concerned or the issuing office shall be notified immediately. No refund shall be made until after sixty (60) days from the date issue for verification whether the ticket has been used or not.

    13. MINORS ,Minors aged 2-11 years old pay half fare.

    14. PASSENGER’S VISITOR ,– The passenger should not allow on board his/her send-off visitors. Any passenger who violates this provision shall assume liability arising therefrom.

    15. Any alteration/perforation shall render this ticket null and void.

    16. The Passenger whose name this passage ticket is issued agreed to hold the Carrier free from any liability consequent to any failure to depart or delay in departure of the vessel and arrival thereof at the port of destination caused by force majeure acts of God, strikes or any defect of engine or motor which could not have been detected on time either shortly before, during, or after departure therefrom from its home port or any event beyond the control of Carrier, “ announced” or “unannounced”, and that this condition contained herein is freely agreed to and considered by the Passenger as binding even without his/her signing the same.

    17. Any court action arising from this transaction is subject to the jurisdiction of the proper courts in the cities of Cebu or Tagbilaran to the exclusion of other courts elsewhere.