1. TICKET VALIDITY, This ticket is valid only for passage on the date and time stated herein.

      2. NON-TRANSFERABILITY, This ticket is NON TRANSFERABLE and shall be used solely by the passenger named herein.

      3. COMPLIANCE OF ULES ANDREGULATIONS,Passenger undertakes to faithfully comply with the rules & regulations of the carrier particularly those regarding maintenance of peace and order, safety, and sanitation on the board vessel.

      4. LOST TICKET , Carrier is not liable for loss of ticket and assumes no responsibility to replace such. Lost ticket may no longer be refunded nor revalidated.

      5. LIMITED LIABILITY, Carrier shall not be liable for any death or to the passenger whether due to delay or otherwise, or resulting from negligence of a passenger. Neither shall carrier be liable for any injury or death due to force majeure beyond the control of carrier such as, but not limited to flood, earthquake, lightning, or other natural disasters. Carrier’s liability for claim on injury or death resulting from negligence of carrier shall in no case exceed the minimum rate prescribed by Philippine Law, and suit for such claims shall be prosecuted also in accordance with the laws of the Philippines.

      6. 6IGHT TO REFUSE BOARDING., Carrier reserves the right to refuse boarding of a passenger or a passenger’s cargo that pose a threat to the security, order, safety, and health of the other passengers and the vessel.

      7. SICK PASSENGERCarrier reserves the right to refuse boarding of a passenger suffering from any contagious disease. A demented person may be allowed passage, provided he is accompanied by the chaperon who shall be liable for his care, and must be present a medical certificate attesting to his fitness to undertake the sea travel.

      8. VESSEL SCHEDULE, . Vessel’s sailing schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

      9. RESERVATION,Any reservation is considered tentative until ticket is issued and paid for.

      10. REFUND AND REAVLIDATION. Unused ticket may be refunded and revalidated within a period of thirty (30) days at the issuing office upon presentation of the complete set of ticket without any alterations, and submission of a valid proof of identity of the passenger bearing his photograph. The following charges apply.

      A.) Refund – Before departure -10% surcharge.
      After departure-20% surcharge

      B.) Revalidation – 10% surcharge

      11. DISCOUNT PRIVILEGE ,A passenger discount privilege is required to present a valid proof of identity with photograph upon issuance of ticket. He should be also be ready to present such ID when boarding or during inspection on board the vessel.

      12. UNUSED TICKET, Issued ticket, if not used within thirty (30) days will be automatically canceled.

      13. UNCOMPLETED VOYAGE.,Minors aged 2-11 years old pay half fare.

      14. BOARDING TIME. ,Passenger must be on board vessel two (2) hours before departure time. Carrier reserves the right to cancel the ticket and accommodation of any passenger who fails to board the vessel thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled departure, and to issue the same accommodation to another person.

      15. VENUE OF ACTION. ,Any court action arising from this transaction/contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the proper courts in the City of Cebu to the exclusion of any other court.